Compacting plates RED C120 (25.0 - 60.0 ton)

Compacting plates RED C120 (25.0 - 60.0 ton)

Compacting plate


Hydraulic compacting plate RED C120 for 25.0 - 60.0 ton excavators 1000 kg

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Compacting plate RED C120 (25.0 - 60.0 ton) 1000 kg

Hydraulic compacting plates are designed for soil compacting especially applications where are high requirements. Typical applications are pipeline trenches and narrow locations.

Another important aspect is safety, no need to have personnel in dangerous positions within the area of operation.

Hydraulic motor rotates eccentric rotator and creates vibration. There are suspension rubbers in optimal angle which transfer vibration to bottom plate and causes compaction.

Red C compactors have additional part available as an option in case of very narrow trenches. Normally in downtown trenches are very narrow and compactor plates has to adapt requirements.

Available for excavators 1.0 – 60.0 ton. Also rotation as option.


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