Crusher Bucket Grey CB09 (20 … 30 t)

Crusher Bucket Grey CB09 (20 … 30 t)

Cutter Crusher


Grey line Crusher Bucket CB09 for 20 … 30 t excavators (44 200 – 66 300 lb)

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Grey line Crusher Bucket CB07 for 20 … 30 t excavators (44 200 – 66 300 lb)

Grey line Bucket Crusher CB, is the ideal solution for any demolition company due to the immediate on-site crushing of materials and the reuse the waste material on site, solving the problem of disposal and at same time reducing the costs. CB performs perfectly also in extreme working conditions as quarries, pits and natural rocks. This is type of bucket is produced in five models for excavators from 7 to 50 tons and is the best solution for small and medium size worksites thanks to easy handling. The structure, entirely made of HARDOX, grants minimum wearing and increases crush resistance. CB, light, compact and strong, performs the best result in short time.

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