Compacting plates

Compacting plates

Compacting plates RED C range

Green Attachments is marketing Red C compacting plates. Hydraulic compacting plates are designed for soil compacting especially applications where are high requirements. Typical applications are pipeline trenches and narrow locations. Available for excavators 1.0 – 60.0 ton. Also rotation as option.

The compactor combines high frequency vibration with high impact force to make quick work of any compacting task. The vibration from such force is utilized in the compaction of soil and granular materials. Down pressure from the base machine provides the resistance force necessary for compaction. Subject to the type of soil the compactor can be used to drive piles, fence posts, guardrail posts, sheeting, etc.

Recently a sales man of Green Attachments found a marketing spot when he was delivering Red C40 compactor to end user in Kerry County, Western Ireland. His neighbour saw how efficient and robust compactor was and immediately ordered one but one size bigger: C70.


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