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Red 025 Ylivieska 3.7.2018

Red 025 Ylivieska 3.7.2018

Green Attachments' Red 025 hydraulic hammer did a tough test when contractor Arto Mäkelä's contract at Ylivieska started. First, a 30cm floor inside the building was a good taste when the hammer went like "melted butter". There was a tough challenge ahead, the bed of the tower crane did its job, and it had to be sent to the recycling center.

The material was reinforced concrete, dimensions were 40 cm x 100 cm. The bed had to be crushed to about one meter pieces and the 320 kg Red 025 hammer attached to Komatsu 35 did the job easily and fast. The removal of a one meter piece took less than 10 minutes stated Mäkelä.

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