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Hydraulic Rock Breakers hammers

Red e breakers are designed to open and close mine and quarry applications. Also typical applications are excavation assistance, demolition, tunnel construction, underwater application etc. Fully hydraulically operated breakers guarantee good productivity and less maintenance.

Movement of Red e range hydraulic breaker is achieved by the hydraulic oil pressure on the piston head and speeded up by the oil and gas load of the accumulator on the top of the piston. The main function of this accumulator is to keep the pressure same all the time at the top of the piston. Gas must be added only during service.

The membrane type breakers are fully hydraulically operated and this gurantees reliable operation when productivity matters. They can operate in all possible positions due to long and light piston and a large number of seals.

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Weight (kg)9011015023027638550510901400176024003380
Carrier weight (t)0.8 - 1.81.2 - 2.51.6 - 3.61.8 - 5.23.2 - 8.04.3 - 9.55.8 - 1312 - 2016 - 2623 - 3026 - 4234 - 55