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Crusher Bucket Grey CB09 (24 … 35 t)

Crusher Bucket Grey CB09 (24 … 35 t)

Crusher Bucket Grey CB09


Crusher Bucket

Crusher Bucket Grey CB09 (24 … 35 t) 4100 kg. Grey line Bucket Crushers are designed for crushing of materials. Especially for concrete and soft rock crushing. Extremely high throughput function with minimal wear costs ensures a high-quality and efficient product. Entirely made of wear resistant steel, minimum maintenance

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Crusher Bucket Grey CB09 (24 … 35 t)

Grey line Bucket Crusher CB, is the ideal solution for any demolition company due to the immediate on-site crushing of materials and the reuse the waste material on site, solving the problem of disposal and at same time reducing the costs. CB performs perfectly also in extreme working conditions as soft rock quarries, pits and natural rocks. This type of bucket is produced in four models for excavators from 10 to 50 tons and is the best solution for small and medium size worksites thanks to easy handling. The structure, entirely made of wear resistant steel, grants minimum wearing and thus long service time. CB, light, compact and strong, performs the best result and have the best value for money.

The CB crushers’ extremely high throughput function with minimal wear costs ensures a high-quality and efficient end product. It is very robust build, and is able to process natural rock as well as recycling materials. All our materials and components are top quality.

Crusher bucket applications

  • for crushing of natural rock
  • crushes all types of demolition waste
  • gravel pits, quarries
  • demolition debris handling and processing
  • is able to crush directly on the jobsite
  • reduces transportation costs
  • is convenient and easy to use and crushing is efficient
  • suitable for both large and small construction sites
  • Ensures that you can recycle at the demolition site and save money
  • the size of the grain is adjustable

Crusher bucket operation

CB crushing buckets are connected to the excavator breaker circuit line. Grey CB crushing buckets have very strong piston motor which is rotating big wheel. Power is transmitted through reliable belt. Eccentric movement of jaws ensure effective crushing of material. Wear plates are bolt mounted to minimise servicing time. They are made of wear resistant material and they are extremely long lasting for customer satisfaction. With a specially designed toggle plate which is positioned upward inside the bucket,  the movement of the swing jaw plate does not have only old type parallel motion but our system generates an aggressive figure eight motion that allows crushing to begin high up on the jaw face and also creates a postcrush in the lower section of the crusher chamber as the material leaves the crusher.

Crusher bucket productivity

crusher bucket procuctivity

Model CB 06CB 07CB09CB 12
Openingmm10 -10012 - 10012 - 10012 - 120

Features of CB crusher buckets

• 4 models for excavators with operating weight from 10 to 50 t

• Reverse Block: prevents blocking of material by forward and backward motion of crushing plates.

• Economy: minimum of space and time requirements and minimum of wear increases productivity

• Higher efficiency, robust Heavy Duty construction. Material processing and preparation time is reduced significantly.

• Maximum flexibility allow mobile and versatile applications. Quick and easy change of wear parts.

• Opening is easily adjustable and end result can then be between 18-130 mm.

Crusher bucket specification

Excavator weightt24 - 35
Working pressurebar220
Excavator oil flowl/min200

Crusher bucket

Crusher bucket video

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