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Pulveriser Yellow P 17 (16 … 20 t) 1550kg

Pulveriser Yellow P 17 (16 … 20 t) 1550kg

Yellow line pulveriser for 16 … 20 t excavators (35 000 – 44 000 lb). Static concrete pulverizer P 17, 1550 kg Muncher / fixed / static hydraulic pulveriser is suitable for the secondary demolition. Fast movement of pulveriser jaw ensure good productivity

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Pulveriser Yellow P 17 (16 … 20 t)

Green Attachments Yellow P  fixed hydraulic pulveriser is suitable for the secondary demolition phase. Its particular hook shape makes it extremely versatile for use on the ground, allowing the demolition of boundary walls and vertical cement structures of medium height, paving and slabs with the consequent separation of the reinforcement iron in concrete.

There are cutting blades in order to cut reinforcements. Yellow P  pulverisers design has been made according to customer’s needs to acquire light and durable structure combined with high power and efficienfy. The geometry of Yellow line rotating pulverisers makes sure that maximum power is reached just in the right moment.

Pulverisers are designed with flange which allows the customer to change adapter easily. Green Attachments provides different adapters when needed.

The Yellow P pulveriser range consists of eight models for 6 - 130 tonne excavators (13 000 – 290 000 lb).


Features of Yellow P pulverisers:

-        Wear resistant Hardox 400 has been used to decrease wearing. It is essential to build all parts which touch the material by wear resistant material.

-        Yellow P pulverisers have been designed to heavy duty applications by optimising its robust structure.

-        Yellow P pulverizers have a high speed valve to increase performance. Then oil is rotated from rod side to piston side regeneratively, all products has not that feature.

-        Pulverizer teeth are made of special forged material. They are easily replaceable

-        Wear resistant cutting blades are bolt mounted and easily reversible.

-        Axels are hardened and greasing points has been designed to make maintenance easy.

-        Pulverisers have changeable steel bushings and they have been over sized in order to increase life time.

-        Pulverizers have an easily removeable maintenance cover to decrease service time

-        Big cylinders of pulverisers ensure huge power and they are reversed in order to protect cylinder rod.

-        Pulverisers have a well designed hydraulics to minimize overheating.

Pulverizers have maintenance free SAE fittings in order to minimize leaks and problems

Weightkg / lb1470 / 3250
Excavator weightt /1000 lb12 - 22 / 27 - 49
Openingmm / Inch750 / 30
Widthmm / Inch404 / 16
Lengthmm / Inch1935 / 76
Blade lengthmm / Inch200 / 7.9
Max cutting forcet /1000 lb90 / 198
Crushing force (tip)t /1000 lb35 / 77
Working pressurebar / psi300 / 4370
Excavator oil flowl/min / gpm200 / 53

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