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Hydraulic Breaker Red e 053 (8.5...13.0 t) 505 kg

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Hydraulic Breaker Red e 053 (8.5...13.0 t) 505 kg

Hydraulic Breaker

Red line hydraulic breaker for 5.8...13.0 t excavators. Red hydraulic rock breakers are fully hydraulically operated. For mine and quarry applications, excavation assistance, demolition, tunneling, boulder breaking, underwater etc. The membrane type breakers are fully hydraulically operated and this gurantees reliable hydraulic hammer / pecker operation

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Hydraulic Breaker Red e 053  (8.5...13.0 t) 505 kg

Red Line hydraulic breakers for Green Attachments have been designed to perform all types of demanding tasks that the end user might face. The membrane type breakers are fully hydraulically operated and this gurantees reliable operation when productivity matters. They can operate in all possible positions due to long and light piston and a large number of seals. The breakers are designed to have an option for underwater operations.

Red e hydraulic breakers applications

- demolition, concrete breaking

- rock breaking

- scalers in mining application

- frozen soil breaking

Advantages of Red e hydraulically operated breakers

  • Constant blow energy
  • Low wear, resulting in high secondhand resale value of a breaker
  • Low thermal heat of oil means energy savings for end user
  • Good hydraulic shock absorption
  • Less maintenance of hammers, and therefore lower costs
  • Hammers have well designed hydraulics to minimize overheating.
  • The buffer system (side, top and bottom buffers) that is used in Red breakers, has a special impact and vibration absorbing properties.
  • Easy changing of tools
  • Noise isolation sheets as standard
  • Side rods are covered with the polyurethane to reduce stress and vibration on the thread.
  • Long / short stroke adjustment (big breakers)

Hydraulic rock breaker

Hydraulic Breaker specs

Weightkg / lb505
Input powerkW35
Frequencybpm500 - 1700
Excavator oil flowl/min / gpm50 - 150
Working pressurebar / psi100-140
Tool diametermm / Inch90 / 3.54
Carrier weightt. / 1000 lb5.8 - 13
Noise levelLwA(db)123

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