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Deceiving pitfall of second-hand breakers

Deceiving pitfall of second-hand breakers


Do you need a breaker for a small, quick job? Should you buy a new breaker or a used one that happens to be cheaper?

Buying low-priced second-hand breakers from auction tempt many contractors but it is important for them to be aware of the risks of being blinded by a cheap price tag. The biggest risk is the fact, that there is no guarantee for the quality and reliability of the breaker. Often these kinds of products are put into auction for a reason and the buyer cannot be sure of the real reason behind the low price.

Do second-hand breakers have any pros? If the breaker is needed only for a short while, it is possible to acquire a second-hand breaker and then sell it forward when the job is done. With good luck and correct timing, the outcome might be a good bargain with the customer getting their part of their money back. However, there is no guarantee that everything goes as planned when a customer decides to go down this road.

Recently, one of our customer asked for an offer on a small breaker but because the delivery time would have been 2-3 week, he decided to buy second-hand instead. The breaker he got was very cheap indeed, but, as it broke down immediately, its low price was rendered meaningless. More often than not, the costs of spare parts and service fees for small breakers are humongous compared to the original price of a new one, and this case was not different. The customer came back to us and we delivered him a new breaker with minimum delivery time, and in the end he was content. Even though he ended up paying slightly more since he had bought the untrustworthy second-hand breaker first, the second one - the one he got from us - worked well, just as promised.

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