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Steel piling with Piikki SB60 breaker 16.3.2021

Steel piling with Piikki SB60 breaker 16.3.2021

Steel piling

A steel piling company operating in southern Finland acquired a Piikki SB60 hammer from Green Attachments, the housing was removed from the hammer and it was installed in a piling machine. Thanks to its good impact force and light construction, the device works excellently even in this demanding use.

Steel piles in construction

Steel piles are needed more and more in foundation applications. Construction sites are increasingly located in areas where reliable foundation requires the use of steel piles. A punched steel pipe pile is the most preferred pile type when soil conditions allow the piles to be installed by impact. In addition to soft and compressible soils, the steel pile foundation is also suitable for silt and sand soils. Steel piling can always be considered a profitable investment that adds value to a building and is a long-lasting solution.

Advantages of steel piling:

  • Correct pile size in the right place
  • You don't pay extra
  • The piling site remains tidy
  • No need to build large piling platforms, walkways or storage areas.
  • Small house piles completed in a day
  • Also possible in winter conditions
  • Advanced technology
  • No material waste and quality assurance is easy
  • Low vibration due to piling compared to other methods
  • No damage to nearby structures.


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