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Cold planer Blue HM25 for skid steer

Cold planer Blue HM25 for skid steer

Cold planer Blue HM25

Cold planer Blue HM25 for skid steer loaders. Designed for asphalt cutting, also suitable for concrete planes milling. All directions are possible

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Cold planer Blue HM25 for skid steer loaders

Designed for asphalt cutting. Cold planer designed for dismantling asphalt of road surface, of concrete in the street and scraping the rock or just create a crossing or a track where surface is paved. It can be mounted on Skid steer loaders, backhoes, hydrostatic wheel loaders and excavators. There are only low maintenance costs of replacement of worn tools. The high pressure piston engines is in direct contact with milling drum, grant an high performance and a low overheating of the hydraulic oil by independent left and right depth adjustment. This model is for skid steer loaders.

High productivity - Robust and low maintenance, precise and profile-true cutting, easy reutilization of cut material.

Great efficiency - High pick force, extremely high cutting head torque and maximum cutting force due to gear unit.

Maximum flexibility - Modular construction, large product range of drums and bits, fast and easy replacing of wear parts.

Cold planer features

Cold planer HM

HM drum

Cold planer drum


  • Hydraulic depth adjustment
  • Hydraulic drum inclination
  • Tools for concrete
  • Milling drum with different widths and sizes
  • Watering kit with tank and 12/24 Volt pump
  • Customized upper bracket for operating machine

Cold planer technical specs

HM 25HM 30HM 40HM 45HM 50
Milling Width250300400450500
Maximum depth130130130170170
Min. distance from wall6060607070
Oil flow30-6030-6030-6070-14080-140


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