Sorting grapple Blue DG 25, 175 kg

A.B.S. Wood Pellet Silo

Blue line hydraulic sorting grapple for handling of material

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Sorting grapple Blue DG 25, 175 kg

The sorting grapple is an equipment which has been designed for handling of all kind of material. Powerful and durable sorting grapple, at the same time fast and flexible, universal for loading of stone, scrap and other waste.

Massive heavy duty jaws with enhancement as well as Hardox450 material are insurance of durability.

Grapples has additional fastener points where to attach adapter. Adapters are fastened with screws – you can change and use it on different excavators and forest machinery. Sorting grapple can be attached with standard forest machinery rotator and work like free hanging grapple.

Sorting grapple applications

- demolition of buildings made of wood

- sorting and recycling

- stone handling

- loading of stones

- scrap handling

- energy waste handling

and many more

Sorting grapple features

• 2 reaction links that contribute to symmetrical moving of jaws and spread the load on cylinder that in long run decreases the wear of grapple.

• Short cylinder working track provides fast movement of the grapple - opening/closing time is very low.

• Descending knives made of Hardox450, knives are double side useable, if one side is worn out, turn around and you will have new knives.

• Bigger models with security valve as standard.

Sorting grapple technical specs

Sorting grapple

Weight kg 175
Max opening mm  1440
Grapple height mm  715
Grapple width mm  432
Working pressure bar 250
Cylinder force kN 116

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