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Demolition equipments

Excavator attachments for demolition applications. Hydraulic rock breakers, hammers, pulverisers, scrap metal shears, demolition grapples, sorting grapples, concrete busters, multi-processors and demolition cutter crushers for excavators. Rotating hydraulic pulverisers and many more. Red breakers are designed to open and close mine and quarry applications, demolition, tunnel construction, underwater application etc. Yellow G demolition and sorting grapples for demolition and recycling. Rotating pulverisers for primary and secondary pulverising. Cutter crushers and Multi-processors for the reinforced concrete structures demolition, steel structure cutting, pulverizing and demolition. RC 20 hydraulic mobile rail cutters for cutting of train and tramway rails.

Hydraulic rock breakers

Demolition grapples

Rotating pulverisers

Combi shears