Screw pile applications
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Screw pile applications

Screw pile

Screw pile,  Galvanized Ground Pile,  Screw Anchor pile, Ground Screw, anchor pile or helical pier. Whatever you call them, we have solution how they could be installed. Green Attachments' Augers are designed to install screw poles, we have special made bushing which makes your job very easy.

In construction, screw piles / ground screws have been used for decades, but their use has become even more common in the last twenty years. In recent years, the use of ground screws has grown significantly, and the ground screw has established itself among other foundation methods. Making foundations using screw piles is quick and inexpensive compared to other foundation methods. Making the casted foundations requires digging, insulation, molding and casting, and also drainage. The installation of a screw pile that can be screwed into the ground does not cause vibration or noise and does not require extensive earthmoving work, so the soil is not disturbed and the environment is not damaged. Frost insulation is also not required when the threaded flange of the screw pile is screwed below the frost limit. There is no need to worry about casting and drying times when setting up screw piles. In addition, foundations can be made in places where other foundation methods are not easy, such as on weak, soft soils or places of difficult transportation.
Machine-mounted screw piles are suitable for both new and repair construction and are a reliable, safe and professional solution due to their load-bearing capacity and tensile strength. The machine-mounted screw pile is mounted on the ground with a hydraulic rotary auger, which is usually attached to an excavator or truck crane. Machine-mounted screw piles are well suited for applications where multiple piles are required or the load on the piles is high. All screw piles with a threaded flange with a diameter of more than 150 mm are machine-mounted. With machine installation, the piles can be installed on harder and more rocky soils than when installed manually. Screw piles for detached houses, summer cottages, halls, long fence lines and other larger structures are almost invariably machine-installable. If necessary, it is possible to extend the screw piles with extensions and welding with extension sleeves.
The screw pile also has excellent load-bearing capacity even in frosty soils. The screw pile is well suited for all anchors that require high tensile strength. The load resistance of a screw pile depends many things: soil quality, pile length, pipe diameter and the area of ​​the flange section. The screw pile offers a foundation solution for both soft and sandy soils, where piling is a less commonly used foundation method.

There are several uses, from temporary or other small yard buildings to detached houses, and from municipal and industrial construction sites to underwater foundations.
The screw pile is also suitable for re-use, as the piles can be screwed up and reused. These piles are delivered fully hot-dip galvanized and are weather proof. Screw piles are available in several different sizes, so they can be used on very different sizes of construction sites. Both the pipe size of the screw piles and the diameter of the threaded flanges can be modified to meet the load requirements set by the construction site.
If necessary, the screw piles can also be equipped with more than one threaded flange to achieve the required load-bearing capacity. Pile pipe sizes for screw piles vary between 60 and 140 mm and threaded flange diameters generally vary between 150 mm and 400 mm.
Green Attachments sells the AGR Pro series hydraulic augers suitable for screw pile installation. A separate sleeve is available for easy installation. All you need is an excavator / crane or even a backhoe, tractor or equivalent and auger from Green Attachments and you can quickly and safely do a professional foundation.

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