Hydraulic compacting plates


Hydraulic compacting plates are designed for soil compacting especially designed for applications where are high requirements of end result. Very important aspect is safety, no need to have personnel in dangerous positions within the area of operation. Workers should be unstead away from the danger of cave-ins or equipment contact. It has many names: wacker plate, impactor plate, compactor driver...

Compacting plate applications

  • Soil stabilization in general of wacker plate 
  • Pipeline trenches and narrow locations
  • Compacting or driving anywhere a boom can reach, and where a man cannot go
  • Aggregate and soil compaction
  • Steep slope compaction
  • Waste compaction
  • Backfilling, especially trench backfilling
  • Breaking up frozen coal, salt and other type material

Compacting plate operation

Hydraulic motor rotates eccentric rotator and creates vibration by delivering high impulse forces with high performance through hydraulically operated eccentric rotator. Vibration force generate stress waves in granular or loose material, bringing the air in the soil to the surface thus packing the particles much closer together. Greater impulse action works together with the carrier's downward force in order to compact soil. There are suspension rubbers in optimal angle which transfer vibration to bottom plate and causes compaction.

Hopper C compactors can work anywhere your excavator or backhoe can reach: in trenches, over and around pipe, or to the top of piling and sheet pile. It can work next to foundations, around obstructions, and even on steep slopes or rough terrain where conventional rollers and other machines either can't work or would be hazardous.

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