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Combi Shears

Multi-processors with different jaw options. Yellow M combi shears for the reinforced concrete structures demolition, steel structure cutting, pulverizing and demolition. Combi Shears designed with easily changeable jaws. Green Attachments Yellow M combi shear range has been designed as a versatile, multi-function tool for all applications by using a universal body attaching a variety of interchangeable jaws. Those multi-processor jaws are suitable for the demolition of reinforced concrete structures, steel structure cutting, concrete pulverising, tank demolition and many more. Also typical application for multi-processor is on long reach demolition booms.

Weight (kg)4007201000147019502420308040005200780010800
Excavator (t)4 - 87 - 1112 - 1514 - 1921 - 2826 - 3630 - 3836 - 5050 - 7080 - 10085 - 130