Auger applications
Hydraulic auger

Auger applications

Hydraulic Auger 

Green Attachments hydraulic augers are designed for drilling holes for fence posts, poles, foundations, and landscaping. They can be used on skid steer loaders, tractors, mini excavators, excavators, backhoe – loaders, truck cranes etc. Green Attachments augers are an economical, robust and safe solution for professionals. Green Attachments can provide augers with extension if needed, lenght of those extensions are 1-1.5 m, there can be many extension bars after each other. Different applications needs different diameter of drills, which we have between 100-500 mm to suit your needs. Special sizes are possible but they require more manufacturing time. The auger range consists of 18 models for 0.75 to 45 tonne excavators.

Applications of augers

  • drilling holes for fence posts, poles
  • building of foundations
  • landscaping operations
  • screw pole installation

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