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Tree shears

Tree shears

Root stump cutters and tree shears designed for cutting of logs, trees and bushes of different sizes. Able to operate in difficult locations. Hydraulic tree shear for excavator are designed for operating at critical points with difficult access along roadsides, steep slopes, orchards, ensures high productivity with the reuse the cut material for subsequent processing steps (stacking, chipping, grinding, etc.). A Green Attachments PW Hydraulic Tree Shear is the perfect tool for forest utility work, hazardous tree removal such as dead undergrowth or diseased trees from forest lands, plantation thinning of acacia and eucalyptus, biomass production and trimming limbs and trees for roadside maintenance and site development or alongside railroad tracks. Wood shear's hydraulic actuators grab the branch or tree before it is cut and hold it once cut

Weightkg / lb1400 / 30902100 / 46402400 / 5310
Excavator weightkg / lb13 - 25 / 29 - 5520 - 25 / 44 - 5525 - 30 / 55 - 66