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Tree grapple Blue WG 55, 500 kg

Tree grapple Blue WG 55, 500 kg

Tree grapple Blue WG 55, 500 kg

Blue line hydraulic tree grapple for handling of trees and bushes.

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Tree grapple Blue WG 55, 500 kg

The tree grapple is an equipment which has been designed for handling of trees. The tree grapple enable you to expand the uses of your excavator to log and tree loading, demolition, scrap handling and many other tasks. The grapples can be outfitted with either rigid or hanging rotators

Tree grapple applications

  • wood handling
  • scrap handling
  • waste handling
  • very light demolition

Tree grapple features

  • Grapples have additional fastener points where to attach adapter fastened with screws
  • Strong cylinder
  • good kinematics

Tree grapple specs

Max openingmm  2250
Grapple heightmm  730
Grapple widthmm  600
Working pressurebar250
Cylinder forcekN237

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