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Piikki breaker line

Piikki  hydraulic breakers

Piikki  hydraulic breakers from Green Attachments have been designed to perform all types of demanding tasks that the end user might face. Typical applications are excavation assistance, demolition etc.

The impact energy is generated by hydraulic pressure and nitrogen gas pressure together at the top of the piston. There is gas chamber (back head) at the top of the piston, thus this type of breaker is called “gas type breaker”. Gas Type Breakers have effective power and performance if you prefer economic investment. Hydraulic gas type crakcers can be operated comparatively at the higher back pressure than hydraulic type breaker.

Carrier weightt0.8 - 2.51.2 - 32.5 - 4.54 - 76 - 911 - 1615 - 1816 - 2118 - 2625 - 3028 - 42