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Rotating sorting grapples

Rotating sorting grapples

Yellow G demolition and sorting grapples for demolition and recycling applications. Strong, fast and efficient demolition and sorting grapple. Due to demolition and sorting grapples robust structure they are suitable for primary demolition as well as recycling applications. Yellow line demolition and sorting grapples have been designed for demolition and recycling applications when demolition grapples are installed in the place of excavator’s bucket. Design of demolition grapples has been completed according to customer’s needs in order to acquire light but robust structure and powerful and efficient prodcutivity. Due to demolition grapples' robust structure it is suitable for primary demolition of targets made of brick or wood. Grapples can manage other materials as well. Recycling applications require strickt and efficient separating which is easily managed by selector grabs. Typical application is recycling plant and there Yellow G grapples are used to downsize and load the material fast and efficient due to its fully rotatable structure for easy manouverability. Long reach applications are also typical due to light structure of a Yellow G grapple.

Demolition and sorting grapples are available with or without rotation. Without rotation the grapple is suitable for rotating tilt installation. Green attachments recommend our rotation always when the application is demolition or other demanding heavy duty job. Grapples are designed with flange which allows the customer to change adapter easily. Green Attachments provides different adapters when needed.

The range consists of nine models and many jaw options for 2.5 - 65 tonne excavators (5 500 – 143 300 lb).