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Tree shear Blue EGC 30, 670 kg

Tree shear Blue EGC 30, 670 kg

Tree shear Blue EGC 30, 670 kg


Blue line hydraulic tree shear. Hydraulic tree cutter / timber shear for cutting of trees and bushes.

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Tree shear Blue EGC 30, 670 kg

The tree shear is an equipment which has been designed for felling and deforestation of trees and maintenance of bushes such as the thinning of shrubs of different sizes. Indicated for operating at critical points with difficult access along roadsides, steep slopes, orchards, ensures high productivity with the reuse the cut material for subsequent processing steps (stacking, chipping, grinding, etc.).

There are two main variations of tree shears – firstly, a simple shear cuts the object allowing it to fall to the ground from where it can be handled and processed using the same tool. Green Attachments can provide that too, it has low price but drawback is security issue.

A Green Attachments EG Tree Shear is the perfect tool for forest utility work, hazardous tree removal such as dead undergrowth or diseased trees from forest lands, plantation thinning of acacia and eucalyptus, biomass fuels production and trimming limbs and trees for roadside maintenance and site development or alongside railroad tracks.  

Planners and operators of timber shears must ensure the attachment and machine are not overloaded and used in a safe way.

With EG energy grapple wood gathering is more productive and profitable! Top quality product that allows you to be fast and efficient. Excellent for cutting round wood up to 300mm as well as cutting bushes.

Standard grapple construction. Materials used are well known SSAB quality Weldox 700, Strenx 650 Mc, HARDOX 450. These materials give very high durability and as light weight as possible. Lighter grapple means longer life time for excavator and less energy consumption.


• Grapples have additional fastener points where to attach adapter Adapters should be fastened with screws

• Strong powerful cylinder that ensures safe cut of materials.

• Passive knife (screwed to the grapple) ensures fast work of excavator as there is no need of additional function during the cutting of tree.

• Passive Knife doesn’t need any additional hydraulic connections from excavator.

• EG25 and EG 30 have speed valve.


Max openingmm 840
Grapple lengthmm 950
Grapple widthmm 540
Working pressurebar250 - 300
Min oil flowl / min90
Single cutmm 300

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