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Tree shear Blue PW350 (13 … 25 t) 1400 kg

Tree shear Blue PW350 (13 … 25 t) 1400 kg

woodcraker Blue PW tree shear for excavators


Blue line hydraulic tree shear for 13 … 25 t excavators (29 000 – 55 000 lb). Hydraulic tree cutter / timber shear for cutting of trees and bushes. Woodcracker's hydraulic actuators grab the branch or tree before it is cut and hold it once cut. PW Tree Shear is the perfect tool for forest utility work, hazardous tree removal, trees for roadside maintenance and site development

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Tree shear Blue PPW350 (13 … 25 t) 1400 kg

The tree shear is an equipment which has been designed for felling and deforestation of trees and maintenance of bushes such as the thinning of shrubs of different sizes. Indicated for operating at jobsites with difficult access along roadsides, steep slopes, orchards, ensures high productivity with the reuse the cut material for subsequent processing steps (stacking, chipping, grinding, etc.).

There are two main variations of tree shears – firstly, a simple shear cuts the object allowing it to fall to the ground from where it can be handled and processed using the same tool. Green Attachments can provide that too, it has low price but drawback is security issue. We always propose our PW range if possible.

Secondly, a “grab and hold shear” where hydraulic actuators grab the branch or tree before it is cut and hold it once cut. This prevents debris falling to the ground and allows the excavator to place the cut material safely on the ground. PW tree cutter range has this ability and job can be done secure and effective way. Applications are: conventional harvest of trees and bushes, rough terrain or hill areas, maintenance along traffic roads and routes, problematic and dangerous tree felling, cultivation and landscape maintenance etc.

A Green Attachments PW Tree Shear is the perfect tool for forest utility work, hazardous tree removal such as dead undergrowth or diseased trees from forest lands, plantation thinning of acacia and eucalyptus, biomass fuels production and trimming limbs and trees for roadside maintenance and site development or alongside railroad tracks.  

Early tree shears had little flexibility for cutting anything other than near vertical trees. However, our tree shears now are fitted with a hydraulic rotator to allow the operator to cut at any angle, even horizontal position.

All tree shears work with replaceable high strength, abrasion-resistant blades being used to cut the wood – often like a big set of secateurs that gardeners use. Some use hydraulic arms to pull the tree onto the static blade, some move the blade into the wood and some have 2 blades that close onto the wood. Tree shears now come in all sizes starting on mini excavators and cutting wood up to 250 mm thick through mid-sized units that can cut 350 mm wood up to larger units that cut up to 450 mm trees. The dual tree shear arm design delivers strong performance in tough applications compared to single tree shear arm models that are prone to twisting and bending. Hydraulic rotator provides efficient positioning for side trimming along roadways and improves operators ability to load chippers in congested worksites.

Planners and operators of tree shears on site need to ensure the attachment and machine are not overloaded and used in a safe way.

The woodcracker range consists of PW models for 5 - 30 tonne excavators (11 000 - 66 000 lb).

Wood cracker

Tree shear applications

-          Safe removal of trees

-          General harvest of felling trees and bushes

-          Deforestation of trees

-          In rough terrain, hill areas and bog areas

-          Maintenance along roads and routes

-          Maintenance of bushes

-          Large-scale harvest of forest areas

-          Hazardous tree removal such as dead undergrowth or diseased trees

-          Problematic and dangerous forest

-          Jobsites with difficult access

-          Cultivation and landscape maintenance

Tree shear features

-          Available in different sizes according to the carrier

-          Made of wear resistant steel

-          Blades easily replaceable

-          Hydraulic actuators for grabbing the branch or tree

-          Hydraulic rotator to position the tree shear at any angle

Options of wood cracker

-          Collector arm to bunch trees by grabbing the material in a safe way

-          Auto speed for faster closing of the cutting mechanism. It is a high speed valve which gives more speed for cutting cylinder when needed.

Wood cracker specs

Weightkg / lb1300 / 2870
Excavator weightt /1000 lb13 - 25 / 29 - 55
Amm / Inch1100 / 43.3
Bmm / Inch600 / 23.6
Cmm / Inch1450 / 57.0
Yt /1000 lb20 / 44
Max cutting diametermm / Inch350 / 13.8
Working pressurebar / psi300 / 4 368
Excavator oil flowl/min / gpm150 / 40
Rotation pressure maxbar / psi175 / 2550
Rotation oil flow maxl/min / gpm40 / 11

Wood cracker

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