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Hydraulic Post driver Piikki SB040PD

Hydraulic Post driver Piikki SB040PD

Hydraulic Post driver

Piikki line hydraulic post driver for 4-7 t excavators. Post drivers have been designed for fence post driving etc. Post pounder is suitable method especially for soft ground. Post rammer, post pounder, post knocker or fence driver is an attachment used for driving fence posts or similar

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Hydraulic Post driver Piikki SB040PD

Piikki  hydraulic post drivers from Green Attachments have been designed to perform all types of demanding tasks that the end user might face. Typical applications are fence post driving etc

The impact energy is generated by hydraulic pressure and nitrogen gas pressure together at the top of the piston. There is gas chamber (back head) at the top of the piston and isn’t included accumulator, thus this type of breaker is called “gas type breaker”. Gas Type Breakers have effective power and performance if you prefer economic investment. They can be operated comparatively at the higher back pressure than hydraulic type breaker.

Hydraulic Breaker applications

  • demolition applications, concrete breaking
  • frozen soil breaking
  • rock breaking
  • Slag breaking
  • Reducing oversize material
  • Road construction
  • Sidewalk and curb construction
  • Commercial / selective demolition
  • Site excavation
  • Trenching

Advantages of Piikki breakers:

  • Low wear, resulting in high secondhand resale value of a breaker
  • Low thermal heat of oil means energy savings for end user
  • Good hydraulic shock absorption
  • Less maintenance of hammers, and therefore lower costs
  • Hammers have well designed hydraulics to minimize overheating
  • The buffer system (side, top and bottom buffers) that is used in Piikki breakers, has a special impact and vibration absorbing properties
  • Easy changing of tools
  • Noise isolation sheets as standard
  • Diameters of tool and piston are matched for maximum energy transfer

Hydraulic Breaker Piikki

Specs of Piikki breakers

Frequency500 - 900
Excavator oil flow40 -70
Working pressure110 - 140
Tool diameter68
Carrier weight4 - 7

Piikki hydraulik breaker videos Piikki SB43 Parkano Piikki SB43 Parkano 2 Piikki SB43 Hartola  Piikki SB 040 Ukraina

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