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Screening bucket Brown SBB 3-100L (1…2 t)

Screening bucket Brown SBB 3-100L (1…2 t)

Screening bucket

Brown line screening buckets for 1-2 t wheel loaders, 360 kg Screener bucket's applications are top soil screening, mixing, peat production, landscaping, agricultural applications, aerating of composT, pipe line padding, and many more. Material processing bucket for many applications

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Brown line screening bucket for 1-2 t wheel loaders, 360 kg

Brown line screening buckets have been designed for screening and mixing applications. Good material quality and new generation design allow big volume of bucket which results in amazing productivity. Many axel options are available according to application and changing of axels is very easy. Design of axels allows material to move back and forth effectively and thus increase productivity. Smooth material flow is increasing output of screening bucket. To bring an affordable, high quality and performance with low or zero maintenance screening solution to the. compact attachment market.
The fast and efficient polyurethane star screening system, screens without crushing or shredding enabling. liabilities to be turned in to assets through a comprehensive product range, matched to carrier weights.

All screening bucket models are available for excavators and wheel loaders. We can provide adapters accordingly.

The SL range is our dedicated skid steer range, the unique design allows safe entry to the cab via two treds, all SL models are three rotor varying in width from 1000mm- 1500mm. 

Numerous applications of screening bucket

The most typical applications of screening buckets is top soil screening, pipe line works, crushing of different material, compost mixing, screening of peat etc.

Other applications

  • Screening wood chip, peat, and sand for recycling
  • Pipeline and cable padding and backfilling
  • Preparing topsoil for landscaping
  • Aeration: For accelerating drying and conditioning of soil and compost.
  • Compost: separating oversize and non compostable items, as well as mixing and turning to accelerate the composting.
  • Mixing and blending: Mixing pre-screen soil and compost to improve the final product.
  • Soils and aggregates: separating aggregates and vegetation without crushing or shredding.

Screening bucket

Screening bucket axels

SBB has innovative polyurethane star screening system

screening bucket

Screening bucket features

-         excellent material flow ensures good productivity

-        axels are easily changeable to allow more applications

-         both excavator and wheel loader mounting

-          box design of structure combined with good steel quality results in light but robust product. It means that even more    material can be loaded and idle time decreased

-          top and bottom combs adjustable to clean axles and increase productivity

-         big volume of bucket increases productivity

Screening bucket specification

ModelWeightWheel loaderOil flowPressureVolumeSceen areaAxels
SBB 3-100L3601 - 265200230430 x 10003
SBB 3-120L3901 - 365200260430 x 12003
SBB 3-150L6002 - 570200350430 x 12003
SBB 3-100SL3601 - 365200230430 x 10003
SBB 3-120SL3901 - 365200260430 x 12003
SBB 3-150SL6002 - 570200350430 x 12003

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