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Screening bucket Brown SB 253 (22…25 t)

Screening bucket Brown SB 253 (22…25 t)

Screening bucket Brown SB 253 (22…25 t)


Brown line screening bucket

Brown line screening buckets for 22…25 t excavators, 1950 kg Screener crusher bucket' applications are top soil screening, mixing, peat production, landscaping, agricultural applications, aerating of compost, debris processing, pipe line padding, and many more. Material processing bucket for many applications

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Brown line screening bucket for 22…25 t excavators, 1950 kg

Brown line screening buckets have been designed for screening, mixing and crushing applications. Good material quality and new generation design allow big volume of bucket which results in amazing productivity. Many axel options are available according to application and changing of axels is very easy. Design of axels allows material to move back and forth effectively and thus increase productivity. Smooth material flow is increasing output of screening bucket.

All screening bucket models are available for excavators and wheel loaders. We can provide adapters accordingly. The range consists of 8 models and many axel options for 5 - 40 t excavators and 3-30 t wheel loaders.

Numerous applications of screening bucket

  • The most typical applications of screening buckets is top soil screening
  • pipe line works, padding and backfilling
  • crushing of different material
  • compost mixing and aerating
  • separaing of rock
  • recycling of green waste
  • mixing of soil, peat, dirt, waste etc
  • screening of peat etc.
  • crushing and screening fertilizers
  • crushing of frozen material: sand, fertilizers and minerals

Screening bucket axels

Screening bucket axels

Screening axels are designed for top soil screening. Also for peat or similar. Very good for pipe line or trench screening. Contaminated material, sludge handling etc.

Screening bucket axels

Mixing axels are designed for mixing of biowaste or similar. Also for peat and other sticky material, crushing of bricks, glass ext. and mixing of compost etc.

Screening bucket axels

Crushing axels are designed for screening and crushing different material. Aggressive shape ensures good productivity.


Screening bucket features

  • excellent material flow ensures good productivity
  • axels are easily changeable to allow more applications
  • both excavator and wheel loader mounting
  • box design of structure combined with good steel quality results in light but robust product. It means that even more    material can be loaded and idle time decreased
  • top and bottom combs adjustable to clean axles and increase productivity
  • big volume of screener bucket increases productivity

Screening bucket specifications

Weight kg1950
Excavator t22 - 25
Wheel loader t12 - 16
Width W mm2050
Depth D mm1750
Height H mm1400
Screening area m21.4
Volume ISO m32.3
Volume SAE m32.5
Recommended oil flow l/min120 - 250
Recommended pressure bar200 - 350

Screening bucket video

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