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Tree shear Blue PW450 (20 … 35t) 1600 kg

Tree shear Blue PW450 (20 … 35t) 1600 kg

Cizallas hidraulicas para chatarra


Blue line tree shear for 20 … 35 t excavators (44 000 – 77 400 lb)

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Tree shear Blue PW450 (20 … 35 t) 1600 kg

The tree shear is an equipment which has been designed for felling and deforestation of logs, trees and maintenance of bushes such as the thinning of shrubs of different sizes. Indicated for operating at critical points with difficult access along roadsides, steep slopes, orchards, ensures high productivity with the reuse the cut material for subsequent processing steps (stacking, chipping, grinding, etc.). The range consists of six models for 5 - 35 tonne excavators (11 000 - 77 400 lb).

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